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Nikola Tesla


This amazing exhibit celebrates the life and work of Nikola Tesla, a Serbian inventor, who arrived in America prepared to transform the world. His combined skills as an electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist and futurist gave him the necessary tools to create amazing inventions. Best known for his design and …

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Hilandar and Orthodoxy


Since the arrival of the first Serbian immigrants from Europe, the Serbian Orthodox Church in America has been the gathering place of Serbian community in the US.

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Royal Family


Royal Family Exhibit The Royal Family Exhibit displays the Serbian Americans immigrant heritage and authentic belongings of the Serbian Royal family of Karadjordjevic. The Serbs in Transition section of the exhibit gives a voice to the immigrants themselves, and bears witness to the courage and determination that enables Serbian men and women …

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Edict of Milan 313-2013


The Edict of Milan is a legal document issued by the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, proclaiming religious tolerance and bringing an end to the persecution of Christians that lasted for three centuries. This year, 2013, marks seventeen centuries of the Edict of Milan, proclaimed in 313 A.D. at Mediollanum, …

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The Cave


“The Cave” at Serbian American Museum St. Sava is one of most original and imaginative new underground performance venues. Literally modeled after a cave in design, this venue has the mystical feel of a fantasy land located far beyond its actual location in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. Sound fills …

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